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As busy business people with big goals and growing to-do lists, this ever-changing online world we live in can feel overwhelming, confusing, ...complicated.

Complicated Media is here to help you simplify your online foot-print, deliver a clear brand message and reach your target audience every day!

About Corine Ingrassia


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Corine Ingrassia wears many hats.

As a well-known online influencer with a background in consumer marketing and PR, Corine often finds herself being called on by small business' for advice and creative solutions to digital and social media needs.

In 2010, she founded Complicated Media to help brands uncomplicate their social media foot-print and build strong, dedicated, and engaged online communities.

Blogging as a one-woman show since 2003, B.H. (before the hashtag), has had its benefits. Both out of necessity and her endless curiosity, she has spent years  geeking out and soaking up the latest online trends while learning a variety of creative skills along the way. 

From strategizing and training, to hosting events and creating content– the work on her desk always looks different– which is one of the reasons she cant truly say she loves what she does.

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formerly: complicatedmama.com (launched September 2008)