5 Social Media Mistakes Small Businesses + Entrepreneurs Make

It's no secret. Small business owners and entrepreneurs wear many hats– Head Of Research & Development, Director of SalesCustomer Service Rep, Accountant & Chief Marketing Officer– just to name a few.

And while most know social media is important and can be a powerful marketing tool, keeping up with it can also feel overwhelming to the busy business owner.

As a blogger and marketer who has been in the online space since (what I lovingly refer to as) 2003 B.H. –"Before The Hashtag", I often recommend and help small businesses and entrepreneurs streamline their online marketing efforts by performing social media audits.

Over the years, these audits have shed light on a few common but avoidable social media mistakes.

Today I am sharing 5 of the most common ones you might be making, so that you can make any necessary changes and feel confident that your business is on the road for social media success.


Trying to be everywhere

With new social media channels popping up left and right, it can feel overwhelming and often brands and businesses feel pressure to be on every single one but that couldn't be further from the truth. The only place you need to be is where your target audience is.

If you're a kids toy company, you wouldn't look to engage your potential customers at night club. Hang out where your base hangs out– and for 98.9% (not a statistical number, but you get my point) of companies, that is not everywhere.

Inconsistent branding

From color pallet to online content, you should show and tell one clear, consistent story; this includes your logo, web design, and your social platforms.

Ask yourself, if your fan that likes all of your posts on Facebook looks up your business on Instagram, are they going to be able to tell it's the same business? 

Focusing on quantity over quality

It's not about how many likes or followers you have– it's about the quality of engagement.

Trust that 10 commenters are always going to be more likely to become customers than 20,000 non-engaged followers. Those 10 commenters are your people- focus on them and reply to every single one!

Fostering and building relationships is your social media bread and butter. Connecting and getting to know your people will build a loyal community who will recommend your business over and over again.

Not investing in your online presence

I'm not talking money necessarily, but every business requires continuous investments– whether that be time or money is up for you to decide– but cutting corners all together is never a good option.

From your website to your social media profiles, your online presence can be your potential customer's first impression; and when studies have shown that our current attention span is just 12 seconds, low-quality photography, inconsistent messaging and sub-par content can be what makes someone keep clicking or completely X out altogether (eek!)

Making it all about you

As business owners, we all want to share our latest and greatest– and there is nothing wrong with a little shameless self-promotion– but less is more when it comes to social media.

To forge real connections with your audience, you need to shift mindset from creator/business owner to friend/solution provider!

Think about what issues your customer/client struggles with and share those solutions!